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Crystal Infusion Intention Water Bottles

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For many years, the harnessed power of water infused by crystals has been used in all kinds of healing rituals around the world. With each crystal having their own unique properties, they can help with all matters of the body and mind, bringing good health, well-being, balance and happiness.

Infusing water with the magical energies of your chosen crystals is believed to bring you endless spiritual benefits. Are you looking to radiate love? Do you want to ease anxiety? Perhaps, you are looking to attract abundance or clarity?

Pick your crystals, set your intentions, fill up your bottle and kickstart that everyday healing, baby! 

- 100% genuine crystals
- 450ml bottle made from BPA-free and high borosilicate glass, silicone and stainless steel.
- Crystals are protected within their own chamber - making it safe by preventing toxins from contaminating the water.
- Protective thermal bottle sleeve is included - made from neoprene, keeping your water cooler for longer.
- Crystals come in a separate pouch and must be dispensed into crystal chamber before use. 
- Crystals can be replaced.

Size - 24 x 7cm
Weight - 600g