About Us

Hi! I'm Luna, a traveling tattoo artist based on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

My preferred styles involve anything cute, vibrant and sparkly or witchy and dark, utilising both colour and black and grey. I am also super keen on pop culture, nostalgia and all things magickal.

Originally from the UK, I love adventure, experiencing new cultures and meeting people. My plan is to travel more of Australia, meeting new clients and learning from other artists and hopefully one day, to travel the world doing what I love.

Art and design has been with me all my life. As a kid falling asleep with sketchbooks on my bed or staying up all night drawing and creating. Throughout school and college, I only cared about Graphic Design and Illustration, which then led me to further study Special Effects Makeup for TV and Film. 

LUNAINLIMBO emerged from a life-long dream of passion and quirky creations, spreading love and positivity, and sharing my little sparkle with the World. Creating art and magic is my passion and purpose on this planet.

Our aim

To offer an all-round, all-inclusive, colourful, safe, creative space; offering limited and unique products bound to spark joy; colourful prints, t-shirts, hoodies, jewellery and accessories.  We also offer services such as tattoo sessions, tarot readings and creative commissions in aid of self-growth and self-expression.

Our vision
We encourage you to celebrate your quirks, personality and whatever else makes you the weird and wonderful creature that you are.
We urge you to share your passions with the world, follow your wildest dreams, spread love and positivity, embrace your weirdness and live the life you want!
We want you to inspire and dazzle others, bring a splash of colour to this chaotic world and spread your sparkle with others.  

Welcome to the cult, weirdos.

Please contact us on for any enquiries,  use the Tattoo Booking Form to make an appointment or follow the instructions for Tarot Readings.

Between the material & the ethereal,