Hello beautiful creatures!
I’m so happy and excited to share something with you that I have been planning and preparing for this whole semester at university.

So we had a project brief to create a minimum of two prosthetic pieces for a character for film, TV or theatre and could chose from a selection of different ideas, I chose fantasy. I’ve never done anything like this before but have always been inspired and passionate about character designs and transformations, so I was just so excited to make and create!

My idea was to create a character inspired by Jane Alexander’s “The Butcher Boys” sculpture and stylize in a way that would fit in with the movie Pan’s Labyrinth.

The storyline behind my idea and concept was that my character was a humanoid beast guardian who fell in love with a mortal, this act of love and affection is forbidden and so he had his heart ripped out by the elder guardian so that he could never love again. Here are some of my design plans –

I started the project by making a lifecast of my models face so that I could begin sculpting my design

I then sanded and smoothed the life cast before shellacing and sculpting

The head and nose prosthetic piece sculpt part way through

 I also made a few textured bald caps, stippling layers of cap plastic and latex with a white powder mixed in

Above is the head and nose piece mould ready to be layered with cap plastic and filled with silicone

Below is my chin piece mould

These moulds will make prosthetic pieces that will be applied to the cheekbones around around the horn fabrications that I have made

 This was a quick experimental practice of the positioning of my prosthetic pieces on the model, and trying to figure out how to paint and with what method.

Today was the day of my exam, I had three hours to complete my proposed design transformation and I worked my butt off solid for those hours, I was going at such a fast pace because I had so much to do but thankfully managed to pull it off. With a few little mistakes I think I am definitely a lot more prepared now and look forward to the next chance I get to do prosthetic character work.

Here are some photos of my finished exam piece, please feel free to offer any feedback as this is something that I wish to pursue in the future.

The transformation from being to end


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