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Today I have another product review for you from Lush, the Eyes Right mascara. Now makeup is a big part of my life, I study it, I do it in my spare time, I’m chasing a career in it, I wear it most days because it helps me feel good about myself and gives me that little confidence boost. However important it is to me I believe that it’s just as important to feel happy and confident bare faced, I’m more than happy to leave the house makeup free although I do dislike it, I always seem to get the same comments, “you look tired” or “you look ill or sad”. I’m not saying that I need a full face of makeup to go out at all, but just a touch and this Eyes Right mascara is enough for me. Does anyone feel the same way? As though they either need a touch of mascara, or lippy or concealer to feel comfortable? If I could only ever use one product, it’d always be mascara! I just think for me it definitely transforms my eyes, turning me from sad eyes Luna to happy eyes Luna :’)

So here it is, available from Lush for £12.00 you get a cute little 5g bottle with a small mascara wand attached to the screw top lid, I found it a bit fiddly so I just use disposable wands to dip in.

It’s a really nice and gentle mascara, and is great for sensitive eyes! It is suitable for vegans and the main ingredient is wheatgrass, aswell as vitamins and minerals that help condition your eyelashes.  The photo below is a before and after of the Eyes Right mascara with just 2 coats of it! You can really see the difference! My lashes are separated, long and natural looking. One of the best things about this mascara aswell is that it’s so easy to get off/remove compared to other brands I have used and it doesn’t clump or crumble at all, it’s perfect.

Would I buy it again?
YES! Although £12 may seem expensive for a mascara, I’m happy to pay that much for something that works rather than a product that would clump all my eyelashes together or basically just didn’t do the job it claims to do. I really love how gentle and suitable for sensitive eyes it is aswell as conditioning your lashes. I wear contact lenses most days and do suffer from sensitive eyes so to have something non irritating is brilliant.  I also love how you don’t need to add loads of coats, it’s nice black and makes your eyelashes still look natural and feel quite fluffy with 1-2 coats. The only thing I dislike is the fiddly little size of the applicator.

Product review score: 9/10!

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