I’ve recently returned home (2/3/17) from a fantastic trip to Iceland and I have a lot to talk about and share with you. Hopefully I can help to provide you with some information about this beautiful country as well as sharing my amazing experience here, not forgetting The Golden Circle and Northern Lights. This post will have lots of helpful handy tips for your travels. I would love for you to also share your own experiences of Iceland with me and if you haven’t been then I would suggest to add it to your bucket list! 😁

Our journey to Iceland…

First of all, this trip was booked a good 6 months or so ago – originally as a complete secret/surprise. One of my lovely sisters had a trip to Iceland planned with her boyfriend for over a year and as Iceland has always been on my bucket list foreverrr, I thought it would be a great excuse to book myself a trip too. Originally, I had planned for it to be a complete surprise for my boyfriend Zak (you will find out more about him through this blog in the near future), as an early birthday present for him in March. It turns out that I’m not so good at keeping secrets and he found out months ago where I had planned on taking him. It was a bit gutting at the time because I was so excited about surprising him with this trip of a lifetime but I just didn’t cover up my tracks very well! Oooops… lesson learnt! So a little tip for anyone that likes watching documentaries and short films/vlogs about the places they are visiting… If you want it to be a secret then delete your web history and close your tabs! However with that said, the fantastic help from my sister’s boyfriend ensured that we managed to keep this great plan all hush hush from her for so long despite nearly slipping up on sooo many occasions that we can’t even count! 😂 The look on her face when she saw us come down stairs with our cases was just priceless and I will never forget it! It’s a good job she likes us a lot!

We drove to East Midlands Airport, which is approximately 1hr 30mins from our current location. At 3am the airport there is eerily quiet.. It’s the first time that I have flown from there and I have to say it is an incredibly small airport but on the bright side there was absolutely no queues whatsoever, which is always a dream for someone as impatient as myself.

The flight was over so quickly – 2hr 10mins infact! I’m pretty sure I was in dreamland as I only remember waking up to a beautiful sunrise above the North-Atlantic Ocean about 20 mins before landing in Keflavík International Airport.

Looking out the plane window all you could see was a glistening white landscape. We didn’t realise just how much snow was there until we got a bit closer to the runway. From the plane you could see walls of snow either side of the roads, all the buildings were covered in a thick white blanket and cars were completely hidden.

After landing we hopped on to our coach transfer and make our way to the country’s capital and largest city, Reykjavík.  The amount of snow was just completely insane. I’ve never been anywhere where there has been snow that deep or snow that white and fluffy! It must have been a good 2ft (I’m not very good at measurements – it was basically above my knees and I’m tall!). We were told on many occasions that this amount of snow was unheard of for Iceland  (despite the name) and that they have not had this amount in such a short amount of time for over 80 years! It was literally a record breaking amount. The city was in a bit of a standstill for a couple of days as noone was prepared for it. Me being me, the first thing I managed to do when I stepped off the coach was fall over and ended up being neck deep in it! After dusting myself off we decided to do our own city tour and explore Reykjavik

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