For years now all I have dreamed of is escaping this life and going traveling around the world.  The thought of experiencing new cultures, worlds, lives, people… discovering new foods, interests, ways of thinking… all of this excites me so much and it is something I have daydreamed about for as long as I can remember. As a younger Luna I chose to work hard at school to get me into college, to then work hard at college to get into university… to then hate my course at uni and then reapply when I found something I really had a huge passion for… to then not being able to complete my studies and leaving university with nothing to show for it except a massive debt to student finance. To say it has been quite the roller coaster is an understatement.

Despite all of this, I am actually incredibly proud of myself right now. Probably prouder than I ever have been in fact.  I traveled around South India last year and I’m pretty sure that was what has ignited this fire within me that I just have to keep fueling. I was so sad when I had to leave the beautiful country and I just could not wait to return! Since then I have been determined to sort my life out and do what I want and what I know makes me happy.  Travel. Experience. Live. Learn.

Over the past few years, I have worked in hospitality (which by the way has completely transformed me as a person). I have managed to get pretty much all the NVQs and licenses I can whilst being in this industry and I have also sorted out my finances in a big way. With all the student finance I was eligible for and working 30+ hours a week while at university, my weekly budget was £30… as you could probably imagine, this just didn’t really work and so I had lived in my overdraft for years. I’m proud to say after years of working up to 75 hours a week that I have paid off my overdraft, student finance over payments of over £10k while still saving my pennies to be in an “ideal” situation to go traveling. A few friends and acquaintances now say things like “oh my god, you are so lucky to be going traveling, I’m so jealous” …. NO. There is no “luck” involved… Yes, I am privileged that I am even able to go traveling but there is no luck involved.  This is my hard work and my determination and my motivation everyday for the past however many years to be able to even be in this position.

I’m blessed that my other half Zak (who you will learn more about soon) is coming with me. As well as being a fantastic, loving partner he is also my best friend and a great travel companion.   I am so excited to experience a new life with him in new places.   So, here it is… the countdown has officially begun… we have 7 days today until we are on our way to our first destination with nothing but a one way ticket, our backpacks and each other. Keep an eye out for lots of blog posts and videos, you can follow our adventure here or other social media channels like youtube, facebook and instagram. I’m super excited I cannot even put it into words but believe me I have also been so nervous, doubtful, confused and anxious about such a big change to my life. For anyone who really wants to go traveling, do it! Stop making excuses about why you can’t go and just set your goals and go for it.  After all travel is the only thing you can buy which makes you richer.

First destination… India, of course!

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