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Welcome my pretties!

Posted by Luna Hodson on

G'day my beautiful witches, warlocks and weirdos! 
And a big welcome to LUNAINLIMBO - you're new favourite online store! (We hope) *fingers crossed* 

So a little about us, if you haven't already read through our 'About Us' page... 
LUNAINLIMBO is an all-round, all-inclusive, colourful, creative safe space. 

We offer limited and unique products bound to make that lil' black heart of yours beat just a little bit harder.  

We also offer services revolving around Tarot/Oracle readings, art & design and self-expression. Gosh, we just love a bit of self-expression over here!

Our aim is to encourage you to celebrate your quirks, personality and whatever else makes you the weird and wonderful creature that you are.

We urge you to share your passions with the world, follow your wildest dreams, spread love and positivity, embrace your weirdness and live the life you want!

We want you to inspire and dazzle others, bring a splash of colour (or black) to this chaotic world and spread your sparkle like a glitter bomb going OFF! 

We're your new tribe of weirdos, you've finally found us and we can't wait to share this beautiful space with you.

Feel free to come by and say 'hello' in the comments section, we promise not to bite!



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