The Royal Vista, Kachi Ghatti, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 171004


Location – 4/10 The Royal Vista is a new hotel which has only been open in time for this years tourist season. Our room had huge windows on one wall and boosted an absolutely amazing view of part of Shimla. We slept with the curtains open so that we could always see the view and what a treat that was with thunder and lightning. Unfortunately, we were very ill when we arrived here and it was good to sleep but we were quite out of the way here from Mall Road, despite the address being ‘nr. Mall Rd’. Our taxi driver from Shimla train station struggled to find the accommodation and had to ask locals a couple of times.

Facilities – 5/10 Our room featured a flatscreen TV, Wi-Fi, fan, storage and chairs. Royal Vista also had room service as well as a small dining area.

Value – 3/10 It was high season in Shimla so automatically the prices are high and rooms are selling out fast. This was one of the cheaper places that we could find and it was still very expensive for us at RS3600 for 2 people per night. Personally, I do not think it was worth paying that amount when you take all factors into consideration but I understand that it is due to the peak season. The food menu was relatively inexpensive.

Cleanliness – 4/10 Because we were so ill thankfully we were allowed to check in early however the previous guests hadn’t quite left. The room was cleaned while we were there which didn’t take long at all. We had clean bedding and one clean towel but the floors were still dirty and I found hair everywhere.

Comfort – 8/10 We slept for hours and hours so we were definitely comfortable! The bed was soft and the room was airy. My only criticism is that the bed was too short so my feet were always poking off the end.

Overall – 4.8/10 We did sleep very well and had a super gorgeous window view. It is family owned and we were all having a chat in the morning. They are lovely interesting people. For us, we just felt it was too expensive and there wasn’t much around us to see and do. We would like to visit again once they have finished construction and added all the finishing touches to the property.

-This review is all my own personal and honest opions. It is not affiliated

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