Tashi Khangsar Guest House, Tabo, Himachal Pradesh 172113, India

Location – 8/10 We were situated about a 5-10 minute walk from the village centre where you can find eateries, shops and the famous monasteries and Tabo caves.  You are also surrounded by mountains and peaks, which was lovely. For me personally, I loved the location and thought it was so serene and peaceful.

Facilities – 2/10 Our room lacked facilities but that was fine as it was a short transit stop.  There was a kitchen on site which did lovely food quite cheaply. Our room had a fan and storage area. There is no Wi-Fi or phone signal. There was a lovely communal garden, which was really nicely maintained… we sat outside alot just admiring the view.

Value – 5/10 We paid for our stay here as part of our package with Great Escapes so I am unable to give an accurate score for value. I am unsure of the cost per night, however I personally would pay approximately RS700 for 2 people per night.

Cleanliness – 5/10 Our room was tidy and clean with some extra bedding incase it got colder at night. 

Comfort – 7/10 We did sleep well here and it is so peaceful and quiet so you don’t need any earplugs to get to sleep! The bed was big and comfortable for the both of us.

Overall – 5.4/10 Overall, it was a nice little transit stay. I think if I were here for anything longer than 3 days then it would be a bit boring… unless you were out of the guest house every day… but even then there is only so much you can do in Tabo. I would highly recommend a transit stop here, the staff were all very helpful and friendly also. 
– This review is my own personal and honest opinion. It is not an affiliated post. 

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