Samsong Guest House, Losar, Spiti, India

Location – 7/10 Located in the quiet little village of Losar, which marks the exit check point of Spiti Valley. The weather wasn’t great while we were here so we didn’t get chance to explore much, although we did visit Chandertaal Lake. Losar is the perfect place to stop in transit for visiting Chandertaal.  

Facilities – 5/10 Our room was very basic but also quite charming. It seemed so old and the whole room was slanted and wonky. We literally just had a bed and a bathroom but as we were here on transit and this was a last minute decision to stay here because of the weather, we weren’t fussed at all.

Value – 5/10 I am unable to give an accurate price for the room per 2 people for one night as we had paid for this as part of our trip to Spiti valley. I can’t imagine it being much at all though, I’d estimate probably RS600 maximum. I’d happily pay that anyway! The family that own/run Samsong Guest House are also so lovely – they cooked us up our favourite Spiti meals, bread omlette and Maggi!

Cleanliness- 7/10 Our room was clean and tidy. My only criticism with the bathroom would be that there were three bars of soap… but they were all open and already used… which to me is a bit grim! 

Comfort – 7/10 We slept so well despite having to be up at 5am. The bed was very comfortable and there was hardly any noise all night apart from for about an hour when construction workers decided to work right outside our window but then they couldn’t because of all the motorcycles parked there, blocking their way. So then, the room opposite us had to go out and move all their bikes!  

Overall – 6.2/10 I would definitely return back here if I was to revisit Spiti Valley, Like I said, the family are absolutely lovely, the rooms and beds are comfortable and there is very little noise and light pollution. The rooms are very basic but honestly, if you are there on transit you really don’t need much else.

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