Rock Top Inn, Old Manali, Manali, Himachl Pradesh, 175131, India 

Location – 9/10 Apart from how many bloody steps there were going up to Rock Top Inn, the location was just perfect. We had a gret view of the river and mountains, as well as all the beautiful Yak babies that were getting washed each morning. The area was very quiet and relaxing despite being more in the tourist area rather than the residential area. Here you are super close to all local amenities, restaurants, bars etc.
Facilities – 7/10 Our room was spacious and had plenty of cupboards and furniture. The room also had Wi-Fi, which was actually really fast when it worked! We also had a perfect little riverside balcony coming off our room. Rock Top Inn had a communal space with a TV but we didn’t ever go in here other than to leave our bags there for a few hours before heading back to Delhi. There was an amazing little restaurant with real fresh and cheap, delicious food… we dined here OFTEN!
Value- 9/10 So Zak actually went into the town one night because he fancied some chocolate and he just happened to meet Anil (looks after Rock Top Inn) and he mentioned about some rooms he had and showed Zak one of them… Anyway, long story short, he came back and told me about Anil and the rooms he had offered us, so we packed up and went there instead. It was fantastic value for money at just RS.800 for two people per night. Bargain!

Cleanliness – 8/10 Our room was clean and tidy with basic decor but lots of furniture. We didn’t have anyone come to tidy the room while we were there and if we had any dirty dishes or cups, we just ran them to the restaurant ourselves. The onlyyyy problem we had was that the bathroom was constantly wet… not just a few splashes on the floor but puddles! The sink tap was super loose and was just leaking constantly. It wasn’t a massive problem, it just meant that we would have to use a squeegey(?!) in there a few times a day!

Comfort – 9/10 We slept amazingly well while here. The bed was big and comfy and you even had extra pillows (rare to come across in India)! It was so quiet and realaxing here and you had the soothing sounds of the river sending you to sleep at night.

Overall – 8.4/10 Overall, Rock Top Inn was a great stay! I would more than happily return here to stay and I actually hope I get to again in the near future. Our friend Anil was the perfect host and really looked after us while we were here. Infact, despite little English language skills the whole team at Rock Top Inn were great with us and di their best to socialise also. We can’t not mention that Anil also owns a lovely dog called Blacky (not even a black coloured dog) who quite happily offers cuddles. But yeah, Rock Top Inn is a great get away place with fantastic views, atmosphere and delicious food! Please do visit!

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