Hotel Rakpa Regency, Kalpa – Pangi Rd,Ricongpio, Saryo, Himachal Pradesh 172108, India


Location – 8/10 Hotel Rakpa Regency is quite isolated really but that isn’t a bad thing here! Situated uphill about 45 minute walk from Kalpa village we found ourselves with fantastic snowy peak views of Kinnaur Kailash mountain range. We could not have asked for a better location in terms of the view. Everything you could need was available at the Hotel, a walk to the village or alternatively you could travel approx 15km to get to Reckong Peo, the headquarters of Kinnaur Valley.
Facilities – 4/10 Our room had a TV, balcony, storage areas and room service. There was no WiFi available (and little cellular signal on Vodafone IN) and there was just one plug. The facilities are basic but when we were there we didn’t really feel like we needed much else as we spent the time in nature mostly.

Value – 5/10 We paid for our accommodation here through our Great Escapes adventure so I am unable to give you an accurate score on value. I do not know the price for rooms here but I personally would not pay more than RS1400 per night for 2 people.

Cleanliness – 5/10 Our room was fairly clean and spacious although just a little out dated. I believe a few coats of paint, slight change of decor, new furniture and a deep clean would give Hotel Rakpa Regency a fresher look. The only real things for me that I found affected the cleanliness of our room were lots of dead bugs and our bathroom was a bit run down and always wet.

Comfort – 4/10 As mentioned before I do believe that if Hotel Rakpa Regency spruced things up a little bit and had some new furniture then it would be great. Our bed was worn and hard… At first I didn’t even realise that it had a mattress because it was that squished. The bedding was perfect though. Super cosy and lots of it to snuggle up in when the temperature drops at night.

Overall – 5.2/10 Although the location and hospitality of this place is pretty much perfection I just feel that with a freshen up and a bit of an update to a few things then it would be even more fantastic. The staff are all super friendly and hardworking and we would LOVE to return here. Thank you for looking after us Raj and team.

– This review is all my own personal and honest opions. It is not affiliated

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