Hello to all you unicorn mermaids!

My name is Luna and welcome to my personal blog all about lifestyle, travel, inspiration and plenty of good vibes.

After years of “fitting in” with society I have now realised how my life should be lived. With experience I have learnt to create my own happiness and live a positive, simple life full of rainbows and sparkles.

My journey is still ongoing and I am so excited for the paths and routes that are yet to be discovered.

As well as being a personal travel and lifestyle blog, the aim of LUNAINLIMBO is to be an online resource for travel information, inspiration and positive good vibes to many readers across the world.

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☼ ❤ ☽

My words to live by…

Celebrate your quirks, personality and the gifts that make you the unique creatures that you are!

Do good.

Experience everything.

Share your passions with the world.

Follow your dreams.

Spread your love and positivity.

Bring colour and sparkles to the world.

Inspire and dazzle others.

Embrace happiness.

Say “YES”, think later.

Live the life you want!

If you would like to get in touch, please contact me here 🙂